About Me

Toshi Ota
Full-Stack Software Developer

I am a highly motivated and dedicated software developer with creativity and eagerness to learn new things. My motivation comes from my desire to create something meaningful and continuously improve myself. Through my Bachelor of Intelligent Digital Technologies at Griffith University, I have gained knowledge and skills in software development and human-computer interaction. I am capable of programming in JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, and C# with the ability to utilise frameworks such as React, Angular, and .NET.

In addition to academic pursuits, I have gained practical experience by undertaking contract roles as a project manager and full-stack developer for App Factory projects at Griffith University. I extended my skills and knowledge to a practical level while improving my project management ability and communication skills with clients and teammates. During my recent placement as a junior developer, I had a valuable opportunity to immerse myself in an enterprise-level codebase. I enhanced my critical thinking with a holistic view to write code that is scalable, maintainable, and aligned with business objectives and values. I have also gained confidence in my collaborative abilities through effective communication with business managers, UX designers, and engineers. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cloud computing as I always look out for new trends and technologies to improve our capabilities. I continually update my skills and knowledge to adapt to new challenges. My interests also extend to social and ethical responsibility. I practice reflection-in-action to ensure my actions and decisions have positive implications for both business and society.

I am excited about the prospect of a future role as a software developer at an innovative company, where I can contribute my unique set of skills and experiences to make a positive impact on society.